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, minus the ground troops. this time high in the skies over yemen -- two u-s military predator drones armed with hellfire missiles, struck a convoy forty miles from the saudi border -- killing four people the target -- anwar al awaki -- the american born cleric, propagandist and one of al qaeda's most notorious leaders.obama says: "earlier this morning anwar al-awlaki, a leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, was killed in yemen. the death of awlaki marks another significant milestone in the broader effort to defeat al qaeda and its affiliates." the president, who signed the capture or kill order for al awaki in april two- thousand-ten, made the announcement at a retirement ceremony for chairman of the joint chiefs admiral mike mullen.mullen says: "bin laden is dead. awlaki is dead. al qaeda is a much diminished network." al awaki had alleged ties to the christmas day underwear bomber -- and faisal shehzad -- who tried to blow up a vehicle in times square. he met with three of the nine-eleven attackers and exchanged more than twenty e-mails with the for
ttlls us the people ressonsible.. could face child pornography charges..- school administraaors issued a statement... which says the alleged incident occurred after sccool oors on property operated by city schools for &p here's our question of the day...shhuld the person who posted the sexually graphic with child pornography?arged pornography?herees a look at our facebook page.a lot of yoo had something to say about &pthis generated nearl 200 responses.tell us what you think... by goonn to uu facebook page...facebook dot com slaah fox-baltimore a... baltimore family.../ remembers.../ a... teennger .../ shot... while playing baskeeball..../// 10--years... ago...// áátonightáá../ still... no arrest....// arrest....// áákeitháá daniels.../, live.../ ii... northeast baltimore.../ for... a candlelight vvgil.../ on... .... somber anniversary .../ keith. keith. 3 news at en.daniees, fox 45 news at ttn. -3 new ... surveillance video.../ ties.../ an... eleven year-old... montgomery county boy.../ with... his.../ suss
across the most of the time...groups wanting to use the inner harbor eed to get a pprmit.. rawlings blake says... she's willing to give them some slack. "we want to work ith them ... we understand they have a ppint to make they are frustrated they are expressing tte sentimnets ttat many peoplare expressing what my many eopld aaout tte state of our economy we areebeing patient and understanding." suppoters of occupy baltimore have been busy planning a series oo vents to highlight their presence at the inner habor.wednesday they arr planning an act of "civvl obedience" -- a demoostration orgaaizees ay will e full of suprises. 14:09:"one really ffn activity that's happening wednesdayyii an act oo civilized obeddence which is going to be some very traffic, obeying walk signs and holddng very polite signs with very polite slogans. 6 14:26protesters ay they have nooiiea how long hey plan to wall street,,and all the money thhre, carriessa lot of influencea. including donations to who has received the most money in the last 22 years? years? 3 &p3 3 3 -3 3 3 3 3 3
stationssare now using winter fuel blends which are less expensive to produce.." triple a sugggsts the droo in crudeeoillprices also plly a role (ragina averella)"most analysts are suggesting absent weather event that woold impact refining.. that could impact the price f crude oil we could sseegas prices &p3 dollar ranne in tte next - couple of weeks through the end of the quarter."some of the cheapest gas is listed at quarles fuel network.. on cheeapeake ave. (larry ruppert-deliveryman)"we use the one here and one in curtis bay" but ittsells tt commercial fleets.. and you have to be a member. (closer)"well i burnn15 gallons of deisel a if your paying 4 ollars its sixty if yyur saviig 20 cents a gallon its a little bittof a savings." meanwhile: regular consumers are happily watching the prices... at the pumps they use.. rop. (teana saenz)""m actually from calif so when i moved out hhre the ggs prices are a lot cheaaer then calif and its actually a huge difference."(nats- starts car) in aa co (voice only)"good gas good price"kc fox 45 news at 10 find the lowest g
cover story, jeff abell introduces us to a baltimore wooan ho's ttking survival to a new extreme...and vowing not to go down without a fight. pight. (wide city sunrise) its a few minutes before the morning rush...and downtown..... (25::3) (mopssfloor) (22:10) (shakes bag) (26:58) (unwraps cups) this on crews control. (27:54) "call me franchon crees...." franchon crews has spent the past three years brewing a cup of oe.... (44428) (quick nats) (coffee pours) for anyone on the go. &7:42) (crews) "i give the people what they need. give em their fix...but itt legal...." but the job is allo her fix. these pard economic imes have hit home. (11147) (crews) "i work two joos and i'm still not ligible for health crews is a ingle mom.....who's helping her own mom fight back.....from a near-death condition. (1:17:42)) (crews & mom) "your legs still hurting? no...they're not hurting nnw...." franchon hass fromma fight.... (1:22:11) (mother) you threw the firr extinguisher at somebody..." when she was bul
- between the yeaas 1994 and 2006. i ask you to join us as we work to pass marriage equality ii the state of maryla. maryland.governor martin innmaryland.he's appearing in a series of videos advocating &pgay marriage in the state. the marylanders for marriage equaaity coalition launched the ffrst video today. in it.. governor o'malley says he plans to pursue legislation legalizingg the unioos in the next legissative session. that brings us to our question of the day. is it approppiate for the governor to appear in videos promoting same sex mmrriage? marriage? you can see... this question has generatee a lot oo discussion online... join it, by going to ffcebook dot com slash fox-baltimore people in perryville willlfind out tooorrow, if a huge 175 from thhir front yard. yard.the hollywood casino there is hooing to eeect tte sign in order to attracc business from i-95.the casino wwich opened last year has prought in millions and created hundreds of jobs.but &psooe residents say they're upset tonight...because they make their property values plummet: "they gave us a picture of what an
not to use your legs as much. how did that work out and how much are you looking forward to the warmer weather? >> it was off and on. first couple bats i did what i want to. the other at-bat i tried to hit it a file and then the last at-bat it was just take the hands to the ball and absolutely looking forward to warmer weather. >> ken: josh, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> ken: joe, back to you. >> joe: he's a great spokesperson for the rangers organization, as is the other guy, the man who got the game-winning rbi, michael young. here's your final in game two. cardinals stranded nine runners tonight, and texas gets the win. the chevy post-game coming up next. flying ... tte wild scene caught on camera. 3 and chilling video.images of what police believe is child with his killlr. tonight on fox45 news after the gamm. >> wlcome to the pest game show on fox. it took the rangers 18 games to get their first win in the world series. it was worth it. hi, alongside eric karros and a.j. pierzynski, i'm chris rose. we talked about the magical moves in the postseason series. when he took jay
he'sáá n... stable ccndiiion.../. áátheáá plaza garage.../ ii... regularly... used.../ by... hospital patients../ and workers. (frank charvat)"but it could happen anywhere.. it could happen right out there on the street.. when we cooe home late at night we either get someone to walkkus over and we try to paak close to the elevvtor" elevator" policc... are still searchiig ...for the ggnman.... an...// amberr.. alert...// for... a... germantown boy.../ áá whoseáá mother ...was found... murdered.../ in... her home. wednesddy.../curtis..../ lopez... waa arrested ...thurrday.../ econn-lldge... in charlotte.../. ááhe'sáá charged the stranged wifee../ 511yeer-old... janee ááheráá car... and her ...11-year-old son.../ william mcqain.../ p were missingg.. from the .../ scene..../// áápoliceáá... are... now the child.../// ... - áááho'sáá een missing... since.../ sept 30th. áááheáá 11-year old... is described... as.../ a... bi-racial child..../ ááaboutáá 5-- feet tall.../
ssyingáá... all... u.s troops.../ will... be hhme.../ by... year's end.... end....after.../ months... of... tense iraq's..., leaders...// ááthháá president says.../ the... iraqi... prime minister.../ agreed ... on.../ total... withdrawal....///ááthháá announcement.../ comes... nearly .../ 9---years... afttr .../ began..../// ááformallyáá... ending... a war .../ thatts... claimed.../ nearly .../ 45--hundred... american lives. 3 obama: "here at home, the season of homecoomngs. across america , our service men and women will be rrunited withh theii families. today, i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays." 3 phe president.../ is... planning to withdraw... u.s. troops... prom afghanistan,.../ ááwhiccáá he... hopes.../ to... complete../ áádoáá... yyu aggeee.. with the presiient's plan.../ to... withdraw.../ troopss...from iraq.../ this... year? ááaáá... lot...of you.../ are... responning..// áájoináá... in...// at... faccbook dot com .../ ááandáá click on... the... "insiie fox45" tab.../
monday night football footballespecially 5 month old camereontiffany from parkville sent us this picture.cameron is clearly wacco for flacco see more of yyur purple pridd piccures on ouu facebook page. them......and a brand new purppe pride quiz.go to baltimore... and click on thh "inside foxxbaltimore" taa on the left side of the screen the common thing used byy preggant women...that could lead o depression in toddlees i was very nervous. i did night.baltimore's mayor... tries out the anchor deskthe thing that gave her the most jitters.......coming up has awarded thh family of a slain inmate 18-and-a-hall million dollars afttr the family blamed prison officials for failing to prottct him. him. 20 year old philip parkee junior died after he was strangled by a fellow inmate while tte two were beiiggtransported to prison. the family accused corrections officers of not watching or properly securrng the inmate who killlddparker... no... its about johns was found not guilty be reason of sanityso whoois found guilty who stands accountable for the life i lost. lost.ái
cases.../ using... a... tatewide registry..../ . áábutáá not enough... evidence .../// ááprovingáá there's... a "cancer cluster"... around ...the.../ base. <"we found no evidence of unusual patterns of cancer... we do have a couple of questtons though."> though."> fort petrick... was the center .../ for... america's... biochemical warfare program.../// until &pthe late 1960's. it's called four loko, a alt liquor... also known as "black-out in a can".it's redesignnng its label. label. the federal trade commision forced the companies hand.... making them show a single, two-dollar can drinking four or five beers. last year, four loko was forced to remove caffeine from theii potent ix... after studentt died from alcohol ppisoning. the... financial crisis... ssnds... thousands into the streets ... nationwide...// ááground zero?áá , waal street...//. áátteáá "occupy wall street movement"... is... now... in its 7th day...//. ááthousandsáá remain camped... on the streets of lower manhatta
of knnves... taped together... and wouldn't put them down.police used a taser to subdue her. the entire time she never said anything the only thing she like this clanginn the 2 lookee like machhttes together they wereevery big knives... thaa i will not forget stable condition at a p-g cconty hospital.police also say she was charged ith stabbing 2 women in frrnt of another store in mongomery county in 2005 a tts--asscurity screener caughttwith childdpornographh. images of young chhldren as crime and justiceemputer. reporter joy lepola tells us... the t-s-a security security officer admits he has a problem! problem! images of t-s-a seeurity officers patting down childree at airports... &poutraged mericans. toniggt more outrage... but this time it surrounds the actions of taken by a t-s-a screener at b-w-i.2:23:44 he's a tsa screener attthh airport dear god! so that's theeman children going throught the screening :52 (maybeeshorten 41-year old miihael scott wilson faces child pornography charges.charges his neighbors (brian) 2:25:51 two shot you &pknow looking at c
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report.../ was... better than xpected.../ áábutáá... still... not greaa great. the.../ u-s economy gained... 103- thousand jobs last month.../. ááeconomistsáá only expected ...the report... to show.../ jobs ...short.../ of... what's needed.../ to... áactuallyá... bring down.../ the... ááwhicháá /- ssays... at.../ 9.1--percent. wwy oot of it but we have he further to go." go.""for over two-and-a-half yeers, uuemployment has been above 8 percent even though &pstates promised when they passed that stimulus bill would not exceed 8 percent.. ...but... ttere's../ more disturbing information.../ buried... in the jobs report..../áátheáá american.../ has... been... ouu of work... for... 40-point-5 weeks...//. ááthat'sáá... a... record.../ since... trackkng thatt information.../ began... in... á19-48á...///áátheáá number of people... out for... 27 weeks.../ whicc is.../ áátheáá official defiiition...// off.. the long-term... unemployed. - / hit.../ 6... and... a quarter million... people....//áánearáá the.
strikes, got early outs. he led us tonight. great. >> ken: thank you very much. joe, back to you. >> joe: thank you, ken. we'll take a break. we have more to come from st. louis. what a good start to this world series. game wise, well-played. tight. more like the regular season. better pitching. offense was down. in the end, the cardinals win it 3-2. take a break and come back after this. preakness in jeooardy.what's put the future of aryland's biggest ssorting event in doubt. "my heerttaches for these anima" animals"and taking aim at &pwwld animals.why police say they have no other hoice. tonight after the ga >>> do you know what the greatest sound in the world is? ♪ ♪ >> i hear that sound, i get so amped up and slam my head in the wall. >> chris: welcome to the world series post game show on fox. a chilly night, city of st. louis, cards take game one of the best of seven series. 3-2, your final. hi, everybody. eric karros, white sox world series championship catcher a.j. pierzynski, i am chris rose. e.k., in the pre-game show, one thing we talked about was the chess match betwee
that everything was getting more expensive, so we switched to the bargain detergent, but i found myself using three times more than you're supposed to and the clothes still weren't as clean as with tide. so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes. [ laughs ] thanks, honey. yeah. you suck at folding. [ laughs ] that's my tide. what's yours? [ female announcer ] find the tide that's right for you at controovrsy over a neww wouud require access to hat - contraceptives in institution's student health care plans. as shannon ream reports some religiius schools saa they are caught in the middle. middle. universities has signed on to a letter tt the obama administration - saying the concerned" over agency health are law - which could &pcover the cost of es tt contraceptives in their health insurance plaas - in directt conffict with tte atholic faith. donovan says: "these policies set by agencies, not it on institutions that simply cannot as a matter of the schools say the regulation could force them to the president of theeer. university of notre dame - the reverend john jen
. taker.jannce park is in east baltimore and tells us for mmre than a year now...the family never gave up hope that &pjuutice would be served...jan? janice?family we spoke to say they are no lonner year old james johnson issin 8 - custody.milton hill was a uge &ppart of this eass baltimmre community...he lived right here in the building attached here is where is ousin found - his body...detectives tell was over a ssoooer. 3 it was a question that haunted a lot of people in this pommunity...who wwuld shoot ark church caregivee....ho was &poffen seen shoveling snow, oo walking women to tteir cars late at night.police say robbbry was the teen's reason specifically...the family tells us money and jewelry weren'' taken.seymour the victim's cousin... he's the one that found hill's body.he says his anger is gone and he simply misses his best friend: "if i haa to go bacc to that morning again, i would have never left my house ann prayed" p "mixed emotions, mixed emotions i was grateful, police had accomplished what they set out to do, what they have done, theyysaid they w
that individuals would treat disadvannaged people like this issridiculous pnd simply makes us siik." 3--people... are charged...// weston, .../ whh... pollce say.../ kidnappings...///. ááthey'reáá... jailed... on...// kidnapping... and aggravated assault.../ charges...//. the f-b-i joiis the searrh for a missinggchild in missouri... 11 month old lisa irwin disappeared nearly two weeks ago....her mother... deborah braddey.... now aamits she was drunk the niiht her baby vanished... bradley says she had "severrl glasses" of wine -- perhapp as many as 10 ...but insists that has nothing to do with the case. she claims someone broke into theii home on october third...and took the baby while they were sleeping. authooitiee haven't nammd any 3uspectss- 3 video.../ from... inside... annindy car.../ shows... just how violent.../ a... 15-car... craahh as... / killed drivvr... dan wheldon. wheldon. it happened ... at... a race las egas... punday/// ááthisáá is... the shot ...from one oo the carr.../ ááyouáá can see...
is accuued of using his political influence to benefit aagrocery store &pchain - theeshoppers food waarhouse - which paid him dollars to be a consultant. income toothe state ethics commission. there's new evidence that maryland's striped bass pppulation is rebounding. rebbunddng. acccrding to a new survey by thh state striped bbss spawning are at the fouuth-highest level in the survee's 58-year history. the survey comes as federal regulators consiier cutting the number of stripped bass that can be harvested..-marylaa chesapeake bay is the primary nursery area foratlantic striied bass, also known as roccfish.. 3 3 good day for a boston firefighter who caught a young &pboy...dropped from the window an apartmeet buildinn went up yesterday.when fire crews arrived on sccne... judith lamb was trapped inside with her grandson xavver.... she knew here wass't much time... so she grabbed her grandson and dangled him out the thhrd floor window. she couldn't hood so she p was thhnking my lucky ssars. i was just happy to be ii the right place at the right time. 3 fireffihters were also able to rescue x
.../ husband.../. as crime and justtce reporter joy lepola tells us... in an unusual move... attorneys for the a defense witness... but shh took the fifth. fffth. 3 ((pkg)) turning from cameras.... karll porter left the harford county courthouse in police custody. pooter like other witnesses called by defense attorneys for walter bishop ... invoked their 5th daughter was one of ttem. the only quession she answwred pertained to er mother's alleged abused.10:58:06 can you say anything about the abuse? no im sorry i cant.what about the reason hy you told your client to invoke her 5th a pending capitallmmrder trial going on and weejust not going to make any statement's at thisstime i'm sorry thank you . if convicted... walter bishop could be put to death.... prosecutor's say he's the man porter hireddto carry out the hit on her husband. bishop is one of six peoole who played vital pprter back innmarch of 2010. 11:10:01 he was the driver he drove he people to where this incident occured attorney calvin mower... the man who saas hh drove bishop too he think he thought something
and used our defense. tremendous plays out there. that's the name of the game. >> porcello tomorrow, verlander now in game five. can you come back in. >> absolutely. we've got to take this thing one step at a time. i'll be ready to pitch whenever the skip gives me the ball. it's a matter of doing it a day at a time. >> doug, thank you very much. congratulations. back to you. >> joe: all right, kenny. thank you. we will step aside for a quick moment. the chevy postgame show is coming up. after the break chris rose will be along to talk about this win for the tigers, 5-2 over texas tonight in detroit. ñ> >> chris: welcome to the alcs postgame show on fox. your final score, the tigers a 5-2 winner over the texas rangers. doug fister was sensational. papa grande made it 52 for 52 in save opportunities. not a lot of dancing but a little bit of celebrating as the tigers cut into the rangers' lead in this best-of-seven series. hi, everybody, alongside eric karros and a.j. pierzynski, i'm chris rose. we talked about the offense need to go do something, and the heart of the order did that.
. and if you are just joining us, we are in game 7 of a phenomenal world series on the heels of one of the most unforgettable games any of us have ever seen last night in game six. rangers get on the board tonight first, trying to erase that memory from last night. but since the two in the first inning, they have been shutout. the cardinals have scored 6. strike 1 to adrian beltre. you think about that rain-out, washing away game 6. strike 2 on beltre. >> tim: clearly helping the cardinals. >> joe: certainly now, looking back, with carpenter getting a chance to make a start on short rest. he was very good. the relief good again tonight for st. louis. into the bottom of the eighth. was always fun. never took life too seriously. 'til our son was born... that day, he bought life insurance. now, there's no way i could sd our boy to college without it. if there was one thing i could say to hank, it'd be "thank you." you're welcome. hey, hank. [ male announcer ] life insurance you can use while you're still living. you are one lucky lady. mm-hmm. [ male announcer ] learn more from your state farm age
in arlington, ron washington telling us that he will use neftali feliz for four outs if necessary. the cardinals need, they have four outs to score at least two runs. off holland and others. >> joe: that was a big run that scored for texas in the top of the seventh. with the two-out rbi hit by kin ken ki -- bn kinsler. that made it 7-4, now it's 7-5. molina lines a base hit to right. and just like that, the tying run comes to the plate. [ applause ] gerald leonard has come in the on-deck circle. mike adams continues to get ready in the bullpen. the pitcher's spot is due up right now. that is why laird. also, the cardinals are one base runner away from assuring another albert pujols at-bat before the end of this gam game. that is going to be it for holland. mike adams. ron washington has not made the call yet, but figures to. adams who was traded to texas in july, from the san diego padres. he will enter here and deal with the tying run at the plate. one on, two out. rangers up by two in the bottom of the eighth of game six. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ engines roar ]
in chambers, but this is very importanttto uu" us" business owners.../ testified todayy../// átheiráá... beverage sales...// are... down.../ as... much as ...5 percent .../ since... the tax... was enacted. thoussads of runners will ttke to the streets this weekend... for the baltimore marathon.the race is saturday... but organnzers kickkd off the festivities this morning.. at the under armour campus in &plocust point.25-thousand runners have registered ... nnarly half of them from out of state... which could mean a bii boost to the ocal economy. there's alot of excitment each year when thhs comes bbck. we''e doing a better job every year and that's attracting attention. we have an al - incceased number of shows that baltimore is really shining." the baltimore marathon is the biggest race of the year, and there are some changes to the route this year......and we're going to use our smart-board to show you what's new new onn of the things that is staying the ásameá is the starting line. yards...runners go up paca street...onto mccullogh street.. street...but here're
where the front dooo used to be.... night poliie say, theemaa seen in this sketch, grabbed a dragggd her into the vacant rapeddthe child...........itts outrageddthe victim's family, including hill.. he giil's aunt.(hill) "it's suppose to vacaacy right here as boarded upp. it wouldn'ttno way in the wwrld this little girl would have got snatcced up n this builling..."(ms. porter) "i understanddtheii concerns. we are outraged.. aad we're trying to do our best to make sure that we secure these vacant and blighted propertiis &pfor public safety.." at one time the city owned this propeety.. but sold ittto a private company in late june. meantimee they say if you areereporting an unsscure vacantt roperty.. you have to caal 3-1-1. that generates a report. live in east baltimore, &pten. p... fire... broke out a vacant apartment .... tonite....///.áájustáá before 6... n garrison boulevard.../áábetweenáá park heights... ...pimlico road.../.ááflamesáá spread... to... one other buildiig..../áánoáá one... as hurt. the.../ deeth.... of...
... murder. ááábingingáá... us.../ to... the álatestt murder.../ that last night. city police... arre investigattng.../ 2.. homicides... in.. west baltimor. baltimore.the first.../ happened ...shortly after... 10 p-m.../ when a man... was found... shot in the head... / at... braadishh avenue ...and... ellicott second man... was stabbed to death ...around midnight... myrtle avenue..../ááno áá word... on suspects.../ or motives. 3 a ... deputy.../ shoots a man.../ ááwhoáá... jumps ...into his cruiser....// ááitáá.../ happpnedd../ ttis morning../ in... northeast baltimore...//. hass..the story.../ of....the áchaasá.../ itt.. caused. 3 it was shorrly before 7-am... hour...was shaken. ((ong) "i heard two gunshots which was unusual that early in the morning."rosstta long...wwo center...quickly learned those shotsscame from ther gun of a deputy sheriff. hh was on his way to work...when he was ambushed. (lightseyy "the puspect gained entry inno his marked unit, lunging a knife at him, he was able to pull
they are a bunch of clowns anyway.. they wantt to maae us suffer.. the poor" (lady)"they neee to stop making our president lookklike a bad president cause hes not a bad president hes just trying to make changes"(two on a bench)"he's straightening out tte mess bush left. (man) he cant straighten it out.. theres no way for him too straighten it out" out" the same poll shows five months ago, 83 percent of african americans held strongly favorable impressions jjst 58 percent. every--day...// áámoreáá people... are "occupy wall street" moveeenn.../// ááandáá it... spread to... baltimore's.../ service . empllyeess today...// hundreds.../ of... service... and clean buildings.../ met... fair contract....// áátheyáá say... a new deal critical.../ to... avoid... labor strike.../ that... could hurr .../ businesses...//. ááthereáá are... over... 16 thousand .../ members washington d.c..../ and baltimore.../ alone. p meantiie, .../ the... occupy wall street mooementt growing.../ in... new york
minutes he called us back to tell us &pthat jayna was the, had, was the one they had pronounced dead 499ayna murray had eee murdered. but the question within days... policc make an arrest.54 and my immediate reaction was thank god. then when he saii who it was... it was incompreheesible. dad: stunning (pause)10police say the killer: jaynn'' co- worker...29-year-old brittany norwood. investigators say &pnorwood lured jayna back to the bethesdaayoga store after ccosing hours... and attacked hee with such violenne that evennveterrn homicide detectives were shaken. they believe norwood killed jaynn... over a bag of clothes norwood tried to steal. mom1:43 why would you murder clothes 50butt butt butt dad 1:53 janna woull've bought it given it to her she would've paid for it herself 01david &panddphyliss murray and their tto sons say ttey still struggle with the loss of jayna. as theyyall prepare for theeliklihood of facing norwood and norwood's parents... in the upcoming for us it can't be easy for phem 6 butt butt utt dad 2:46 of all of the steps off grriwivn gi have yettto leaae anger
againnacknowledged that some loan guarantees would be pisky, but neeessary invessments for thh us to remaan competitivv. as to whetter laws broken? sot - obama says: "... if they violated llws on the books, they need to be prosecuted." but some republicans in the house energy and commerce committee don't trust the administration to investigate itself. they believe that another subpoena will be necessary to force thh administration to produue those e-mails that committee members want to see. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. 3 republiccns.../ turn... up the heat.../ on... attorney general ...ericc holder, .../ ááwitháá some saying... he... misled testimony. today.../ the.... justice &pdepartment... fired back.../ saying .../// ááthissá was... all a game ...of... "gotcha"...//. áámráá obama says... he has full confidence.../ general...///. ááholderáá &p told congress .../ he... learned... of.../ . &p"fast and furiouu"...// ,áá anáá operation... that sold guns... to.../ mexxcan drug ...cartels,.../ within... the
gas. the echoes from the explosions could be heard across the city as the riot policc used every non-lethal weapon in their arsenal. within minutes, the powerful tear gas filled the entire square. the thick clouds rolleddout. one man in a suit stumbled from inside tte dense fog, ccoking on the gas. the area was so saturated, people experienced the effects for blocks. the... same scene.../ in atlanta. ptlanta. hundreds of police.../ marcchdd ...thru... the streets.../ in... formation.../ áátoáá drive... protesters out.../ áátuesdayáá the... mayor revoked an orrer .../ allowing protesters .../ to... camp out... in left.../ áááthersáá... were... carried out by police. our ..facebook page.../ - and... tell us.../ what you think... about the ...occupy wall street.../ doingg.. good work? áá oráá... are... they just... making trouble.?../ ááandáá should ...thhy be... allowed to stay.../ in... downtown baltimore.? áásoundáá.... off... at... facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. 3 we hav
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